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10 Ways to Avoid A Puppy Scam

Looking for a puppy for sale, but scared to get scammed?

We don't blame you! Puppy scams are a $3 Billion Dollar Business.

Here are 10 ways to Avoid a Puppy Scam.

1. Website & Social Media Research

Not all websites are legit, people make fake websites all the time. Look for secured websites, https, S= Secure. Do their social media accounts, Google My Business, and Website link and make sense? Are they Blue Paw Verified?

2. Does the Breeder Care About You?

Responsible breeders care about the lives of their puppies and ask about furever homes.

3. Communication is KEY

Are they available to talk or better yet, video chat? Will they provide more photos and videos of the puppy?

4. Parents

Can they show the the adult dogs?

5. Referrals

There are many ways to get referrals, from Facebook groups or even just an old fashioned phone call to previous buyers or the veterinarian.

6. Health Testing

Documentation for health & genetic testing is important to make sure you are getting a healthy puppy. OFA and PennHIP testing is very important.

7. Payment

Never pay via Western Union, Money Order, OR SEND CASH. Use a method you can dispute. s is NOT rare for a breeder to fairly ask for a deposit to hold the puppy prior to weaning.

8. Poor Grammar

Sadly, this can be a sign of an online scam when email communications have a lot of broken English. This isn't to say that some wonderful breeders 1st language isn't English, so please use caution here and insist to talk on the phone and not just though online communication.

9. Too Good To Be True

If you find a perfect little puppy marked down 75%, BUYER BEWARE. RED FLAGS should be going up. Market research should tell you, you're getting scammed.

10. USA Purchases Only

Unless you yourself plan to travel to purchase and pick up the dog, avoid overseas puppies.

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