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Puppy Scams are Up 500%

Puppy scams have been ongoing for years. However online sales have sky rocketed the puppy scam business.

Understand this, most puppy scammers are NOT dog breeders. In fact, they may not even own a dog. These scammers give breeders a bad name.

According to CBS Los Angeles "With so many people and families unable to gather with loved ones, there’s been a huge increase in pet adoptions. And scammers are having a field day preying on people searching for a pet to add to their families as the pandemic drags on."

The Better Business Bureau says online puppy scams are up 500% this year, and consumers are expected to lose more than $3 million.

We are HOWLING to make a change!!!

Your time, your money, and your heart is important to us at K9 Quest. We are currently seeking the most reputable dog breeders who are legit! We vet (pun indented) only responsible dog breeders through a series of questions, referrals, photos, videos, and virtual visits.

We believe in our Blue Paw Verified breeders so much, that we offer a scam free promise guarantee.

So when you seek to find your new family member and BFF, be sure to look for the "Blue Paw Verified" Badge and check our listing of the BEST Legit Dog Breeders.


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