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How Does It Work? 

Scam Free Puppy Protection For Consumers

If you Google "Puppy Scams" you will come across sad stories of people losing money. You will read about one family after another getting scammed by people claiming to be puppy breeders & claiming to have a puppy for sale. 9 times out of 10 they are not even dog breeders at all. You will find websites like Fight4Vets warning U.S. Veterans of service dog scams. 


Sadly, the dog scam industry (different from the LEGIT dog breeder industry) is a $3 billion a year industry. That is $3 billion is hard-earned money taken out of the pockets of Americans who are longing for a companion and a forever friend. Some of this bad business is here in the U.S. and some scams are elaborate "phishing" scams across seas. 

As a consumer, it costs you $0 to use K9 Quest.


This is not an insurance plan you purchase to protect yourself. This is a promise is that our list of LEGIT Breeders is in fact legit! Our guarantee is this: If you buy a dog from one of these vendors via a trackable payment and NEVER receive a puppy (or money back from the breeder) we will refund your money. You simply submit a claim by sending us an email please include all the details you can (dates, screenshots, and receipts, etc..) We will be in contact within 5 business days to start and process your claim. 

Blue Paw Verification For Breeders

As breeders ourselves, we have heard lots of stories and met consumers who were leary. It erks us to feel the backlash of dishonesty and irresponsible breeders. Those are NOT the titles we ever want to go by. We wanted to offer consumers an option of protection and breeders an option of guarantee too. Starting at $6 a month, we offer breeders a new way to interact and offer peace of mind to their buyers. We take the time to vet each breeder through a series of phone calls, emails, face time calls, and more. We check veterinarian references as well as past buyers and business references. We take a lot of time and effort in our Blue Paw Verification process so that the bragging right of a "Blue Paw Verified" Badge is real! After you are accepted, you will receive a listing on Our Legit Breeders page and a badge for your own page and social media accounts. Your buyers can cross-reference your legitimacy with us and have comfort in buying from a verified breeder with scam protection! 

Together, as breeders, we can put an end to the scams that flood the internet and the dishonesty that gives breeders a bad name. Get Started Now


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