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Puppy Scams In The News

It is a shame that anyone would prey on people during a pandemic! But unfortunately, puppy scams are all over the news!

There are many breeds that are high targets for scams.

According the Wall Street Journal, The Pugdasians and all the cute dog photos they have on Instagram make Tilly and her family a high target scam. People just simply "steal" their photos and then run ads across different platforms targeting potential pug puppy buyers.

Websites do not always equal legit. In Louisville, Kentucky as woman was scammed by trusting a website that looked professional and honest. She lost $1,600 trying to secure an adorable French Bulldog. Check out this news report from WHAS11.

In North Carolina the Attorney General put out a consumer alert: Don't Fall For Covid 19 Puppy Scams. "Due to these thieves often being outside the United States, the prospects of getting money back are extremely low."

Just Google "Puppy Scams" and your would astonished at the dishonesty people have faced and the amount of dollars lost.

K9 Quest has set out to change these sad stories. Our breeders are interviewed and provide us proof of a long term honest business. We call upon referrals of good business, we talk to their veterinarians, and require in person or virtual face time to see the breeder, the adults, puppies, and facilities. We do this to protect an industry that we love, and you the consumer.

So always check for the "Blue Paw Verified" badge and cross refence our list of verified legit breeders.

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