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Bernese Mountian Dog Puppy Scam Free Breeders

Bernese Puppies for Sale  Near Me

Getting a puppy is always fun, but it's important to consider several factors before choosing one. One of the first of these is personality. Even among puppies of the same litter, each one is an individual and must be seen as such to avoid disappointment. Then, there are the breed-level differences. Size, the general need for exercise, coat type, overall intelligence, and more can be predicted by looking at the breed. That's why people know it's a bad idea to try to keep a Great Dane in a small apartment, and a similarly poor one to try to get a miniature dog to herd cattle.

The traits that make the Bernese Mountain Dog such a good farm helper are the same that make him a confident and friendly companion. Your adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy will grow up to be a loving, big fellow of 80-100 pounds. And while he likes to have a job to do and daily exercise, at home he'll be happy to relax. He's a calm, affectionate family companion at work, play or just hanging out.

Berners were farm dogs that came from Switzerland and are named for the Canton of Bern (a Swiss state). Their large, sturdy frames and calm, confident attitude made them perfect for the jobs of pulling carts (which they still like to do today!), driving dairy cattle, watching the farm, and acting as companions to farmers. In the ’20s a Kansas farmer brought a pair to the United States, which kick-started their popularity in America.

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