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Bernedoodle Puppy Scam Free Breeders

Berne Doodle Puppies for Sale  Near Me

One of the first things that'll catch your eye when you see Bernedoodles is how cute they are. Those that inherit the curly coat from their poodle parent are so adorable that even old Ebenezer Scrooge would have to lean over to give the dog a pet. However, this isn't the only reason doodle puppies are desirable.

As with many hybrids, the goal is to get the good traits of the original breeds blended into a single individual. The originals in this case are poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs. The "poodle" part was changed to "doodle" in the name at some point, possibly to match the format of another cross or because it sounded cuter or easier to say.

Poodles are incredibly smart and have a reputation as hypo-allergenic, but they are also known for being high strung, overly energetic for certain environments, and sometimes bossy. Meanwhile, Bernese Mountain Dogs are renowned for being great workers and protectors but have regular-shedding hair that makes them unsuitable for those with allergies.

By crossing the two breeds, the original intention was to get dogs who were friendly and chill, but didn't shed. However, while some do inherit the low-shedding poodle coat, not all have this trait. Instead, which traits are passed down is a bit more random. In fact, some don't even get the curliness of the poodle coat, and don't look like most pictures of Bernedoodles at all.

Only some of the inherited traits are instantly visible in doodle puppies. The coat's curliness, muzzle shape, and other physical attributes are either in place or visible in their juvenile forms. However, the temperament is usually not quite on full display. Almost all puppies will be eager and jumpy at the ages when they are typically sold, and retain this demeanor for at least several months. Therefore, it can be hard to tell if Bernedoodles for sale will turn out to be relaxed or if they'll need a lot of exercises. However, you can usually guess by considering the temperaments of both of the parents.

In most cases, you'll find that Bernedoodles for sale are healthy dogs. Both originating breeds do have a gene for hip dysplasia, but reputable breeders will check for this before choosing which dogs get to breed. Of course, those with the problem should not become breeding dogs. Dogs being considered for breeding are also screened for a bleeding disorder, and excluded if they have it.

Other issues are minor, such as a tendency towards eye and ear infections. Owners of doodle puppies and adults can easily learn how to watch out for, and typically prevent, such problems.

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