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At K9 Quest, we have taken something which started as a passion and turned it into a heartfelt mission to protect people from puppy scams. 

Sadly most puppy scams are done by people who are not even in the industry. They promise a puppy to a buyer that never even existed.  It is usually a photo they have stolen from the internet. 


There are many breeders who breed responsibly and according to the best practices of the trade, who raise stunning dogs.  We guarantee any purchase made from our reputable breeders is a legit sale. We have vetted our breeders with multiple touchpoints and reference checks. 

Which makes us your go-to website to find your next puppy.

If you pay for a dog with one of our legit dog breeders via a traceable payment and NEVER receive your puppy, we will refund your money - in full. 

Please be sure to talk to your breeder about health and wellness our NO SCAM PROMISE does not cover vet checks, shot records, and genetic testings for all puppies. We do not guarantee health as there are too many factors to consider here.  



We VET the BEST and Most Honest Dog Breeders

K9 Quest is here to find the best "Blue Paw Verified" Dog Breeders in the World. We have been involved with breeding animals since 1980 when what started out as showing animals turned into a fulfilling and life-changing enterprise. Our main priority is ensuring that puppy breeders have integrity and that they are honest and raise healthy animals. Not just from birth the health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond. Make sure your breeder is K9 Quest Verfired and look for the "Blue Paw Verified" badge on their website.